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5 of My Favorite Things in May 2018

I love lots of stuff!! But who doesn’t right? Isn’t that just a part of being human? Besides, I was told once by a guest speaker at my church that women are naturally inclined to love pretty things. He went on to say that it was the leading reason why women loved to shop. So, in honor of all we mommas also being women, I have made a list of my favorite things this month. Enjoy!

1. My Favorite Planner

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I love the Erin Condren Life Planner. I have always had a love of planners and all things office supplies. This love meant that I have tried a lot of planners throughout the years. I have even tried a few after trying the Erin Condren Life Planner and came back each time. This planner is really that great. You have the option of three non-labeled boxes each day to customize the planner for you or you can pick the hourly planner like I do. I like scheduling my day out, especially since I work from home, homeschool, have busy kids and a busy life. I mark out the hours that I am busy and I know what part of my day I am free for me or whatever just happens to pop up.

2. My Favorite Colored Pens

These Staedtler pens are one of my favorite things to use with my Erin Condren Life Planner. They come in really vibrant colors and work so well with any color coding you may use with your planner. I personally use them for that purpose. The point is very fine so that I can write in the small spaces in the ECLP and the ink will not run on you or get all over your hands while you write.

3. My Favorite Scent

Clinique Happy is my favorite scent right now. Actually, I think that it is my favorite all of the time. I have a few other scents that I love, but for an everyday scent, I always find myself coming back to this scent. And for a great bonus, my husband likes it a lot too!

4. My Favorite Beverage

San Pellegrino just so happens to be one of my favorite beverages. I get lots of strange looks from my friends when I drink this because unflavored sparkling water is an acquired taste. Most people, at least most people that I know have not acquired that taste. But it works for me and it helps me stay away from sugary alternatives.

5. My Favorite Computer Accessory

This is an Apple Magic Trackpad. I use this every single day with my Mac Mini. Before I got my Mac Mini, I was using an iBook which, as you probably know, has a trackpad on it. I just got so used to this, that I get annoyed whenever I have to use a mouse now. My husband is a little scared of it and rarely uses my computer. It is a little funny. I do have to tell you that I love this gadget so much that I know I will be getting another one immediately if anything happens to the trackpad I am currently using.

I have a post here if you want to know one of my favorite ways to unwind. I am always finding things that I fall in love with and I am curious, which of these products are you excited to try out? Or, do you have something that you think I should try?