The Ultimate Summer Bucket Checklist (free printable)

Summer is officially upon us. Kids are out of school, we have visited the local ice cream joint, and I have tan lines.

What I am also very aware of are the bored looks that will be coming from my children once the excitement of their friends and the other neighborhood kids being home all day wears off. It might sound crazy, but I even get those bored looks from those neighbor kids, as well. Do they think that because I am the homeschool mom on the block that I have all of the ideas? Well, this summer, I just might.

A Summer Bucket Checklist: Why?

I decided to come up with a summer bucket checklist that my family (and even the neighbor kids) can work through. I have some really great ideas on it and some things that will be easy to check off. I think that my family will have some fun with the activities provided.

There is a good mix of items on this list, as well. Some things can be purchased at the dollar store, some things require that we go somewhere and some can be made at home with what we already have lying around the house.

I am planning on printing this checklist out and hanging it on my fridge. That way when my kids come up to me with that look and the whine that we all know, “I’m bored,” I can point them to this list and let them pick something for us to do.

I think that this will also force me to take some breaks every once in a while, too. I do tend to spend too much time on my computer or iPad trying to get work done. I am actually writing this post while at my son’s sparring class. He is out on the mat kicking and getting kicked while I sit here and work. Oh well. 🙂

I do love this summer bucket checklist so much that I really can’t keep it to my self, either. I have decided that it is too good. It has to be shared. You can access this FREE download below by entering your name and email.

I want to hear how you are using this summer bucket checklist this summer. Leave me a comment below to share your adventures with your kiddos and family!